Damn!!! Where in the Caflumada you been!?! Part III

     A subcategory of my Going Gray series details my experiences and the cultural nuggets I have learned about Cuba.  My intention with this blog does not currently include the desire to be your guide to tourism on the island.  First of all, let me start by saying that for my countrymen, “participation in tourism is illegal.  This has been the law of the land for us “estadounidenses(citizens of the United States) as policy since Eisenhower and then codified in 1963 during the Kennedy Administration.

     Instead, insofar as my post regarding Cuba are concerned, I would like the opportunity to share with you my observations, conversations and experiences, as often the only non-Cuban in group settings and nearly always the only person from the U.S.A., during my seven nonconsecutive months there between January 2016 – June 2017.  My desire in this is that those who travel to island have a greater understanding and appreciation of the experience, and that those who do not have the opportunity may be able to know more about the island vicariously through what I and those who comment share.
     ¡Por eso, les pido a mis amigos cubanos pa’ compartir y comentar de tus experiencias cualquier momento que quieren y tienen algo pa’ decir!  Todavía, soy estudiante de la isla. Eres las expertas. #seguro

     Además, I have a slightly selfish reason for sharing some of the historical and cultural details of Cuba with you.  Please, my fellow Estadounidenses learn a little about Cuban history and culture before traveling there!  I want to help you avoid saying shamefully uninformed statements regarding your understanding of Cuba like my friend experienced, while traveling there.  I love how she phrased it, an “ugly American” moment.  For instance, one of her travel companions asked, “what is communism?”, while others could not understand the long lines/wait times and lack of choices when dining. 

     The Cubans will amaze you regarding the breadth and depth of their knowledge of world history. Therefore, I say this with love:

“Before traveling to Cuba, learn a little about the history and culture!  Don’t embarrass us and know some shit!” :P  At the very least, please be respectful of the differences!

Coming Soon (4sho):  I want to go to Cuba, but Caflumada; I don’t do less than five-star! 
Coming Soon (4sho): This Cuban Cola is not refreshing, Caflumada!

When we gone get to the good part?... When we gonna get to it? *in my Whodini voice*

     Contrary to Jalil’s opinion, there is a good part!

     Attempting to write a post dedicating this blog and all I am to my deceased mother has proven to be caflumatic!  I even posted a Facebook promotion announcing a new post the Wednesday before Mother’s Day attempting to force my hand by self-imposing a deadline.  “Hahaha,” said the hand… and my heart, “not today you won’t!”  Shit, not this nor next month!

     I never found it good enough to be worthy of my intentions and feelings!  Also part of my original plan was to provide some type of bio.  This also proved flum-inducing.  Like I describe myself in elsewhere, “I am a novel not a short story!  Much sweeter than my fleshtone juju bush!... Moreover, I realized that you’re getting a little of me in every post.  So, lets do this old school, and take your time getting to know me slowly. We courtin'!

     Finally, my good part is found at the intersection of ‘Doing it My (not necessarily conventional) Way Sinatra’ Street and ‘Measured #dgafwututhink’ Lane.  Over time (and many tissues latter), I decided to give into disorganization that is my disorganized orderly mind and share it with you organically, whatever order that is.

     I hope you enjoy!!!


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