Damn!!! Where in the Caflumada you been!?! Part I

      I know!  It’s been forever since my first/last post!!!  However, I must begin by first saying that I am truly still humbled by how many of you took the time to look at the inaugural post.  1500+ views to my blog and counting with an audience in more than 10 countries.

 Thank You!!!

     When I began thinking about this blog, my intention was to begin in a very orderly fashion, to orient people before I demonstrated my organized chaos.  First, a brief introduction of the origin and definition of caflumada (check), state my intentions for the blog (check), and upload a post describing to whom I dedicate this blog and why (uncheck).  The latter is where everything went to hell in a handbasket – more on that in part III.

     But Caflumada! In this process, I have become aware that, outside restrictions and boundaries, I do not write linearly.  I am most comfortable writing circuitously on three or four different ideas simultaneously.  I have learned a great deal about my relaxed and natural writing style and it’s some flum!  Therefore, instead, of the orderly post writing distill I give to my academic and business world to ensure complete focus on topic, you’re gonna get your flum raw, … well, medium-rare to medium…more like it how it naturally streams out.

But first, what in the caflumada is a “soft launch”?

     Back when I launched the site, I referred to it as a soft launch.  This reference was not to indicate that this was a behind the scenes sneak peek at a finished product like some may have thought but instead referred to more of my process of easing into the blogging because I knew that I would have to plan for some type of learning curve.  A curve that has included obstacles like my less than ideal access and knowledge of photography editing software to hackers repeatedly trying to flum my ish up!

Coming Soon: What!?! You been getting hacked and ish? Caflumatic! In The Flum Overcome.

      Moreover, I did not want to wait for the semblance of perfection because that is not who I am nor what my vision for Caflumada is!  We are not necessarily completely open books but nor are we ashamed of our flaws; we’re works in progress, in a manner that is flummed up, at least as often as it’s great! 
      Finally, I am not concealing all the blemishes as I move through the development process in this site because at least now in the beginning only my village and maybe a few curious souls are the sole people to read these words.  We spend so much time and energy, and I have as well, trying to dress up the process, instead of focusing on the end product. #wastedenergy 

Why further slow the process? 

#RandomThought - I firmly believe that from the anecdotal evidence my life provides, the majority of the people are well-intentioned, good people.  The former descriptor is the cause of friction, and the latter is where hope is found. 
     By the way, -- isn’t this another #RandomThought -- my personal and social village are the bombdigity!  You inspire me daily, and aid in the lifelong personal quest for my true north in ever changing terrain.  I look forward to your feedback, and I encourage it, especially in the beginning stages but ongoing hopefully.  Yes, that is even if we do not agree.  I want to understand your opinion, especially when I do not agree with it.  Let’s try to keep it nice, and not get mean and condescending! #human #theleague

Coming Soon (maybe): When your social village ain’t s**t. Caflumada! [Working Title]


Final Note: The original post was almost 2000 words.  I myself am notorious for saving a post for later that never gets read.  Therefore, I will do my best to break up the post into smaller more quickly digestible bites when possible recognizing how busy everyone is. :) 


Damn!!! Where in the Caflumada you been!?! Part II 

The Bright Side of Flum & Where in the Flum is Caflumada Going?

This Saturday, Midnight (PDT)


  1. I will be following Calflumada!! You are such a "smat girl" as my Bostonian grandmother used to say. You are a great writer. Can't wait to see more. Love YOU!!

    1. Thanks Sukey! I'm glad you posted here and in my Facebook message because it says Unknown. I would have wondered who this was. lolol

      Love you back! And so happy to have you!!! <3

  2. Looking forward to more! Remember, to go at your own pace, we'll be here.


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