Damn!!! Where in the Caflumada you been!?! Part II

     At the elemental level, caflumada is just chaos and cuss words. 

     “So, how is there a bright side of bullshyt?” *in the reader’s voice* “It stinks on all sides!!!” #PU

     Yes, crap does stink (on all sides).  However, my life’s crap does has had a redeeming result.  Muddling through and out of the b.s. can either makes you either sicker or stronger, and I choose strength!

     In the downtime, that these hackers -- *under the breathe mubble* “m****f’****s!”-- have so graciously provided me (twice), I have:

-          Learned enough Photoshop and video editing software to create visuals, which might look like crap to the professional eye *A Malachi “Meh”*.  The visuals that had me concerned at first, but then I thought “damn the blog’s title is a nice way to say chaos” [#soeffeit].  Maybe I shouldn’t get caught up on trying to make everything look A-1 at this juncture?  Why further slow the process?

-          Set up the information security and business systems that allow me to securely share my information and have and will continue to allow me to scale up when necessary.

-          Gave me a competitor.  I thrive in battle!!  #youdoneeffedupnow

     Therefore, the Bright Side of Flum is that it is can be the catalyst for development and growth.

Read More Soon: WTF!?! They hackin’ yo ish?  Damn, what they do? In The Flum Overcome.

Where in the flum is Caflumada going?

     Caflumada is a great departure from when I first mentally toyed with the idea of starting a blog.  I had just moved away from my hometown to Memphis, TN, and I fantasized about possibly gallivanting around town from soiree to swahray like I was the “Black Sex in City,” giving me loads to share.  However, graduate school and “the way my bank account is set up”, it has been more like Video Streaming in the House.

* Finishing final touches on this GIF.  You're gonna laugh.  Should be up midday

     My intentions for this blog are fairly open-ended, and I am amicable to seeing what develops [#GIWYFI].  However, it is framed as a conversation.  A conversation I will begin, but not necessarily conclude, each week, but that I hope you continue, sometimes in dialog, other times maybe later as just a thought.  I may not yet have the S.M.A.R.T. goals for success fully laid out on this project, but if I can 1) lend my perspective to social conversation, 2) provide practical information of real use, 3) learn something new or gain a new perspective from you, and/or 4) make you laugh through some flum than that’s success!

    Caflumada is the organized, collective experiences and thoughts from one woman in the middle of it a lot (ex: age [hopefully], development, career, mid-range technology adopter, etc…) who views the world from the lens of the black, African-American experience and recognizes that this experience has commonalities with the struggles of many in the world, while also having its own unique characteristics.  But let’s not get heavy just yet. 

     I have been life-seasoned.  And damn, I’m just saucy enough to be trying on my “too old to GAF” senior benefit ala Sophia Petrillo, letting the world have it in my Ain’t that a B! posts.  My Going Gray posts contend with the journey of this “girl”, who is golden, exactly where I currently find myself, heading towards THE CHANGE and beyond as well as through all the other changes life provides (hopefully with Blanche’s confident, well-aged sexy, but I’m prolly wind up being more Rose #kind #airheaded, sometimes).  Letters to my Younger Self will be a collection of post, which could also be titled “if I knew then what I know now?”.  Finally, the Flum Free Favs posts give props where they are due and shares these outstanding nonprofits, businesses, individuals and anything else deemed to be #3F worthy with you.

Coming Soon: The Pontificatin’ (‘n ish) Menu.  Cause like all folks from the Town, I be pontificating! #TownBiz


Damn!!! Where in the Caflumada you been!?! Part III of III

Caflumada in Cuba &When We Gone Get to the Good Part?

Next Wednesday, Midnight (PDT)

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