Damn!!! Where in the Caflumada you been!?! Part III

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     A subcategory of my Going Gray series details my experiences and the cultural nuggets I have learned about Cuba.  My intention with this blog does not currently include the desire to be your guide to tourism on the island.  First of all, let me start by saying that for my countrymen, “participation in tourism is illegal.  This has been the law of the land for us “estadounidenses(citizens of the United States) as policy since Eisenhower and then codified in 1963 during the Kennedy Administration.

     Instead, insofar as my post regarding Cuba are concerned, I would like the opportunity to share with you my observations, conversations and experiences, as often the only non-Cuban in group settings and nearly always the only person from the U.S.A., during my seven nonconsecutive months there between January 2016 – June 2017.  My desire in this is that those who travel to island have a greater understanding and appreciation of the experience, and that those who do not have the opportunity may be able to know more about the island vicariously through what I and those who comment share.
     ¡Por eso, les pido a mis amigos cubanos pa’ compartir y comentar de tus experiencias cualquier momento que quieren y tienen algo pa’ decir!  Todavía, soy estudiante de la isla. Eres las expertas. #seguro

     Además, I have a slightly selfish reason for sharing some of the historical and cultural details of Cuba with you.  Please, my fellow Estadounidenses learn a little about Cuban history and culture before traveling there!  I want to help you avoid saying shamefully uninformed statements regarding your understanding of Cuba like my friend experienced, while traveling there.  I love how she phrased it, an “ugly American” moment.  For instance, one of her travel companions asked, “what is communism?”, while others could not understand the long lines/wait times and lack of choices when dining. 

     The Cubans will amaze you regarding the breadth and depth of their knowledge of world history. Therefore, I say this with love:

“Before traveling to Cuba, learn a little about the history and culture!  Don’t embarrass us and know some shit!” :P  At the very least, please be respectful of the differences!

Coming Soon (4sho):  I want to go to Cuba, but Caflumada; I don’t do less than five-star! 
Coming Soon (4sho): This Cuban Cola is not refreshing, Caflumada!

Damn!!! Where in the Caflumada you been!?! Part II

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     At the elemental level, caflumada is just chaos and cuss words. 

     “So, how is there a bright side of bullshyt?” *in the reader’s voice* “It stinks on all sides!!!” #PU

     Yes, crap does stink (on all sides).  However, my life’s crap does has had a redeeming result.  Muddling through and out of the b.s. can either makes you either sicker or stronger, and I choose strength!

     In the downtime, that these hackers -- *under the breathe mubble* “m****f’****s!”-- have so graciously provided me (twice), I have:

-          Learned enough Photoshop and video editing software to create visuals, which might look like crap to the professional eye *A Malachi “Meh”*.  The visuals that had me concerned at first, but then I thought “damn the blog’s title is a nice way to say chaos” [#soeffeit].  Maybe I shouldn’t get caught up on trying to make everything look A-1 at this juncture?  Why further slow the process?

-          Set up the information security and business systems that allow me to securely share my information and have and will continue to allow me to scale up when necessary.

-          Gave me a competitor.  I thrive in battle!!  #youdoneeffedupnow

     Therefore, the Bright Side of Flum is that it is can be the catalyst for development and growth.

Read More Soon: WTF!?! They hackin’ yo ish?  Damn, what they do? In The Flum Overcome.

Where in the flum is Caflumada going?

     Caflumada is a great departure from when I first mentally toyed with the idea of starting a blog.  I had just moved away from my hometown to Memphis, TN, and I fantasized about possibly gallivanting around town from soiree to swahray like I was the “Black Sex in City,” giving me loads to share.  However, graduate school and “the way my bank account is set up”, it has been more like Video Streaming in the House.

* Finishing final touches on this GIF.  You're gonna laugh.  Should be up midday

     My intentions for this blog are fairly open-ended, and I am amicable to seeing what develops [#GIWYFI].  However, it is framed as a conversation.  A conversation I will begin, but not necessarily conclude, each week, but that I hope you continue, sometimes in dialog, other times maybe later as just a thought.  I may not yet have the S.M.A.R.T. goals for success fully laid out on this project, but if I can 1) lend my perspective to social conversation, 2) provide practical information of real use, 3) learn something new or gain a new perspective from you, and/or 4) make you laugh through some flum than that’s success!

Damn!!! Where in the Caflumada you been!?! Part I

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      I know!  It’s been forever since my first/last post!!!  However, I must begin by first saying that I am truly still humbled by how many of you took the time to look at the inaugural post.  1500+ views to my blog and counting with an audience in more than 10 countries.

 Thank You!!!

     When I began thinking about this blog, my intention was to begin in a very orderly fashion, to orient people before I demonstrated my organized chaos.  First, a brief introduction of the origin and definition of caflumada (check), state my intentions for the blog (check), and upload a post describing to whom I dedicate this blog and why (uncheck).  The latter is where everything went to hell in a handbasket – more on that in part III.

     But Caflumada! In this process, I have become aware that, outside restrictions and boundaries, I do not write linearly.  I am most comfortable writing circuitously on three or four different ideas simultaneously.  I have learned a great deal about my relaxed and natural writing style and it’s some flum!  Therefore, instead, of the orderly post writing distill I give to my academic and business world to ensure complete focus on topic, you’re gonna get your flum raw, … well, medium-rare to medium…more like it how it naturally streams out.

But first, what in the caflumada is a “soft launch”?

     Back when I launched the site, I referred to it as a soft launch.  This reference was not to indicate that this was a behind the scenes sneak peek at a finished product like some may have thought but instead referred to more of my process of easing into the blogging because I knew that I would have to plan for some type of learning curve.  A curve that has included obstacles like my less than ideal access and knowledge of photography editing software to hackers repeatedly trying to flum my ish up!

Coming Soon: What!?! You been getting hacked and ish? Caflumatic! In The Flum Overcome.

      Moreover, I did not want to wait for the semblance of perfection because that is not who I am nor what my vision for Caflumada is!  We are not necessarily completely open books but nor are we ashamed of our flaws; we’re works in progress, in a manner that is flummed up, at least as often as it’s great! 
      Finally, I am not concealing all the blemishes as I move through the development process in this site because at least now in the beginning only my village and maybe a few curious souls are the sole people to read these words.  We spend so much time and energy, and I have as well, trying to dress up the process, instead of focusing on the end product. #wastedenergy 

Why further slow the process? 

#RandomThought - I firmly believe that from the anecdotal evidence my life provides, the majority of the people are well-intentioned, good people.  The former descriptor is the cause of friction, and the latter is where hope is found. 
     By the way, -- isn’t this another #RandomThought -- my personal and social village are the bombdigity!  You inspire me daily, and aid in the lifelong personal quest for my true north in ever changing terrain.  I look forward to your feedback, and I encourage it, especially in the beginning stages but ongoing hopefully.  Yes, that is even if we do not agree.  I want to understand your opinion, especially when I do not agree with it.  Let’s try to keep it nice, and not get mean and condescending! #human #theleague

Coming Soon (maybe): When your social village ain’t s**t. Caflumada! [Working Title]


Final Note: The original post was almost 2000 words.  I myself am notorious for saving a post for later that never gets read.  Therefore, I will do my best to break up the post into smaller more quickly digestible bites when possible recognizing how busy everyone is. :) 


Damn!!! Where in the Caflumada you been!?! Part II 

The Bright Side of Flum & Where in the Flum is Caflumada Going?

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